Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017

The Trumpel : What he really is about is SHOW (by The Washington Post)

14 seconds that tell you exactly what President Trump really cares about

This guy is worse than Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan DID find it funny to say into a microphone, that nuclear rockets are on their way to Russia.
This Trumpel-Guy really thinks, that what he is doing, is a reality TV show.

Boy, you Americans wake up, FAST!
Because He thinks he has to make America great again?
But America already is influencing the whiolöe WORLD
And HE is going to destroy it.

All the NAZIS are jumping from joy, in Trier, Germany, a big gathering of European NAZI Heads did take place TO HONOR "The Trumpels" Inauguration.

Arte you clear about WHAT is happening on your "Island"?

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