Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

Ydalir: Mitakuye Oyasin

My desire to be at Standing Rock

This is my last post for the day and I want to express, how much it draws me to Standing Rock and how much it hurts not to be able to go without doing a lot of damage to my family

I had the idea to go there since I got aware of it and in my visions I felt it would be as Brendon Green describes in this very video.

I know that, if I go there I'd change and that there is such an positive energy if one can let go of the  world as it has become and I could be of real value.
I know I am European and I can not change into a Lakota or other native man.

A lot of controversial information came in the past month, information from SR that we/I could come to support but expect nothing, not to be a real part of the spirit so I perceived it, not to take place in rituals and so forth.

Brendon shows that one will not be left outside, just as a mere helper.

It makes me sad, not to be able to go, since I am not able to break down my tent and simply leave my place.
There's family and even going  4 weeks draws  more money than I can afford.
Why 4 weeks you may ask; my planning and traveling would call for much so work that staying just for a week would not do.
And as I already have experienced it takes time to get acclimatized, and to be of real value to the camp, 4 weeks is the lowest time frame, as I see it.
 Besides  all the planning to do and stuff to buy to stay in one of the camps takes some time.
In September I had a look to go in January, and right now, as it is, I could be of real help since the amount of people in the Oceti Sakowin/Oyate camp is so low, they nearly do not get the necessary work done.

On the other hand I never experienced temperatures below -25°C with not being in a warm house or, the other way around, stay in a teepee or some other  not so safe housing at -32°C or even less.

I knew, when the 4th of December  passed, and Dave Archambault II said all non Sioux should go home, that this would 
  • not be the end of the motion
  • things would cool down way to much
  • distraction and separation would arise, where focus and close community would be most necessary
Still, I will not be able to go and it breaks my heart.

So in my very soul, I am with all those who stay true in peace and effort on the ground for the cause.

May the big money never ever prevail over true humanity.
May the community be stronger than every attempt to separate our souls and the people up there in ND.

I AM deeply sad not to be able to go and
to make the experience I could
to get the healing I could
to provide the healing I could
to provide support as I could

For a certain reason my heart goes to the native people of
the Rouge River Tribe
the Klamath Tribe
the Yamhill Tribe
in mid and southern Oregon.

All at Standing Rock:
Stay save, Stay warm, Stay healthy and may the creator bless you all.

Keep strong, keep focused, keep close community.

 Mitakuye Oyasin, A'Ho

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