Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Ydalirs Standing Rock Update

Current situation with LaDonna BraveBull Allard

For starters a real nice short ritual by Myron Dewey

An interview by Jason from TYT and LaDonna

She looks tired and ill and old to me, I hope she does get better.

From all what I heard from YT the last couple of days or weeks:

  • The camp needs to be cleared because of the flooding, but as LaDonna says, there is much fear mongering.
Typically the flooding lasts two weeks.
The goal still is to move people to other sites

  • The Tribe deals with John Burgum and they want people to leave.
The costs of supporting the campers are really high.

  • The Backwater Bridge is being cleared from the concrete blocks, but the are not removed.

Morton County still claims the bridge to be structural unsafe or rather they are now testing  if it still is... (where it never was)

Every one tries to keep things calm and doing nothing "stupid", see Mike Fasigs feed on Jason from TYT beeing on the bridge.

Still DAPL is drilling:

They expecting The Trumpel to act as they want and Standing Rock has done it's share to make things visible.
LaDonna, Myron and others will keep it up.

The Trumpel tries to make the US a fascist Nation.
We will see what will happen.

No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA

Currently I am ill and down.. so I will concentrate on my self to get well again.

Keep praying and STAND, not only against DAPL, but also against those evel powers which try to drive the US and the world into the biggest mess ever.

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