Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

Updated Standing Rock Flag raised on Turtle Island, a slightly disgusted videographer

Direct action on Turtle Island

A flag was raised on Turtle Island, besides the camp is in chaos.
People climbing the hill, DAPL people on top of the hill.
A helicopter is monitoring the situation, a plane showing up later disturbs her signal.
She is slightly disgusted and disappointed.
They are moving the camp to a different site while doing stands at the Backwater Bridge. The grounds of the camp will be flooded when spring comes.
9 People have reportedly been arrested at the time the video is taken.
The rising of the flags she calls them agitators, because she believes this was not sanctioned by the elders. The flags apparently to be Standing Rock Flags.
She believes this does NOT help., puts the camp at risk.

A [?] ceremonie was held by the elders, she could not attend. According to the ceremony things shall be done according to the traditional way.

A lot of medics are moved around to help people.

She asks for sending prayers and positive emotions.

As per the following video done with a magnifier on the handy cam, from Johnny Dangers  the people on top of Turtle Island did a prayer circle and raised the flags.

************************** German************************************
Auf Turtle Island wurden Flaggen des Standing Rock Tribes gehisst, Menschen ersteigen die Seite des Hügels.
Sie glaubt an Agitatoren, da diese Aktionen von den Ältesten nicht sanktioniert worden seien.
In einer Zeremonie der Ältesten wurde beschlossen, die Dinge auf eine traditionelle Art durchzuziehen .
Diese Art Aktionen bringe das Camp in Gefahr.
Insgesamt verlegen sie das Camp, weil der Platz im Frühling überflutet sein wird.
Ein vorbeifliegendes Flugzeug stört ihre Telefonverbindung.

Das Video von Johnny Dangers zeigt die Situation mittels eines Tele-Aufsatzes auf der HandyKamera.

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