Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Standing Rock: Letter to the USCCR

My Letter to the USCCR

I do not know if I have the right as a German to write to you on the behalf of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, things that are happening at the Cannonball River and the fact that this shows off, how in general the US Gov treats the rights of the first nations.
Obviously I can not be on site (though I wish I could) but what I get from the civil media (Youtube, facebook) is much disturbing for me.
I have been to Oregon several times, and if i ever have the chance I'd like to visit Klamath area.
In Germany we have many people being upset and this spreads.
This in fact impacts my respect for the US and the respect if there have been some left over all over Germany.
This means that the World, thus people of one of the main European states watches what your government is doing (or rather NOT doing)
I hope your letter will serve the cause and all the people in the US AND the world.
Yes the US is a world leader, do not become a world leader in bad habits as we in Germany have been in the 1930s and up.
We all hope the US will keep the democratic track and keeps their respect for human rights, regardless of religion, gender or heritage

​Respectfully sincerely yours

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